At MEC we realize that our most important asset is our People, and we are proud to say that more than 90% of our current workforce, have been part of our team since the start of production more than two decades ago We took great care in selecting a dynamic team that is results-oriented, with great attention to detail in order to service the exact needs of our clients.

The Management & Support Team

We have a management and support team working at the company headquarters in Cairo, which handles the day-to-day operations of the company as well direct coordination with our clients. This team includes management, sales, purchasing, financial services and information technology.

This allows the team at the plant to concentrate on production in order to guarantee the highest level of quality.

The Plant Team

The Plant Team was painstakingly selected in order to provide the most efficient, highest quality of production possible, while at the same time ensuring that all workers work under the safest possible conditions.

The Plant Team is headed by a Plant Manager with over a decade of extensive experience in the industry.

The Quality Control & Safety team

Reporting directly to the Plant Manager is dedicated Quality Control and Safety team with access to a full range of resources, and headed by a Quality Control Manager.

The Quality Control and Safety team enforces OSHA regulations to make sure workers at every stage of production work in an environment that is as safe with access to the latest safety gear.

Completing the resources available to the Quality Control and Safety team is a set of laboratories containing the latest in equipment that is utilized in analyzing production samples to make certain that every product conforms to each client’s exacting requirements.