Anthracite coal plays a crucial role in the electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmaking process. Its high carbon content and low volatile matter make it ideal for the applications during the steelmaking process. It serves three primary purposes, each in a distinct phase:

Additional Notes:

  • The specific timing and amount of anthracite used in each phase depend on various factors, such as the desired steel grade, furnace design, and operating conditions.
  • Anthracite offers several advantages as a fuel and foaming agent in EAFs, including its high carbon content, low ash content, good slag foaming properties, and good combustibility.

Anthracite Usage in Various Industries

Sugar Industry


Water Purification

Cement Industry

Additional Uses

  • Chemical Industry: Anthracite can be used as a raw material for various chemicals, including carbon electrodes and activated carbon.
  • Domestic Heating: Anthracite is a popular choice for domestic heating due to its high heat content and low emissions.
  • Blacksmithing: Anthracite is used in blacksmithing forges to provide the high heat necessary for working with metal.

Overall, anthracite remains a valuable industrial material due to its unique properties and versatility. Its use in these and other industries helps contribute to various essential products and processes.